– R Hester – Trucker

I was with you guys for a couple of years but left last year because I found a cheaper rate. However, that didn’t work out too well. The rates were cheaper but they definitely weren’t ATI when it came to certs & filings.

– Pete

“I can’t say enough about the awesome customer service we receive from American Truck Insurance. They are always there when we need them. They are easy to reach and their response time is great! They do a fabulous job on finding you great rates to fit your unique situation. Three years straight..

– Alan A. Alvarez

“This American Truck Insurance does an excellent job finding me the right coverage and insurance company at a competitive price every time my insurance renews. I am very happy with them as my agency!!”

– Peter Stephens

“The people at American Truck Insurance were friendly and considerate. They make you feel important and provide you with great service. They show what makes the USA great.”

– Leo D. Richards

“Not only have I received the best insurance rate ever, but each and EVERYONE here goes above and beyond for the best rates, and TBH …they have your best interest at heart. Thank you, American Truck Insurance, for making me feel cared for.”