Amazon Relay Hauling

Amazon, a corporate juggernaut renowned for its unparalleled speed in product delivery, has made significant strides within the trucking industry by introducing Amazon Relay. This platform, designed to be user-friendly, empowers drivers and carriers, offering a pathway to enhance their business growth. This comprehensive guide will clarify the procedures and prerequisites associated with hauling through Amazon Relay. The aim is to ensure that your trucking enterprise can seamlessly capitalize on the abundant opportunities it offers.

Eligibility Criteria for Amazon Relay Hauling

To partake in hauling with Amazon Relay, carriers must meet specific eligibility requirements stipulated by Amazon. These prerequisites include the following:

  1. Active DOT with Interstate Authority:
  • The DOT must have been active for a minimum of 180 days.
  • A valid MC# is also necessary.


  1. “Carrier” Entity Type:
  • Authorization for Property and Hire is mandatory.


  1. FMCSA Safety Rating:
  • A “Satisfactory,” “None,” or “Not Rated” protection ranking administered by the (FMCSA) is a prerequisite.


  1. BASIC Scores:
  • BASIC Scores, covering areas such as Unsafe Driving (below 60%), Hours of Service (HOS) Compliance (below 60%), and Vehicle Maintenance (below 75%), must meet the specified criteria.


  1. Comprehensive Insurance Coverage:
  • Carriers must maintain adequate insurance coverage, encompassing Auto Liability, General Liability, and Cargo. Workers’ Compensation and Employer Liability may be required.

Equipment Varieties Suitable for Amazon Hauling

Amazon collaborates with various equipment types, offering a wide array of options for carriers. This includes a range of Tractors/Trailers, including day cabs, 26′ box trucks, sleeper cabs, flatbed trucks, and various trailers, such as 28′ trailers, 53′ dry vans, and reefers.

Prioritizing Safety within Amazon Relay

Safety remains the foremost concern within the Amazon Relay platform. Carriers are required to have a profound understanding of their Safety Ratings and CSA BASICs. This information is publicly accessible through the SMS or on the SAFER website. These ratings are derived from the frequency and severity of regulatory violations, accidents, and other safety-related incidents.

Insurance Coverage for Amazon Hauling:

Amazon Relay imposes specific insurance requirements, but carriers are strongly encouraged to obtain comprehensive coverage. Beyond the mandatory policies, such as Auto Liability, General Liability, and Cargo, carriers should contemplate additional coverage options like Physical Damage. This approach ensures the comprehensive protection of their valuable assets.

Your Trusted Partner in Amazon Relay Hauling

American Truck Insurance boasts a profound understanding of the intricacies associated with Amazon Relay hauling. Leveraging their in-depth knowledge of the trucking industry and Amazon’s specific stipulations, their team is uniquely positioned to assist carriers throughout the process. More importantly, they can facilitate the procurement of tailor-made coverage solutions to suit individual needs, guaranteeing compliance and protection against potential risks. Their unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and personalized insurance strategies means carriers can confidently focus on expanding their operations within the Amazon Relay framework while leaving the insurance aspects in capable hands.
Hauling with Amazon Relay presents a wealth of opportunities for growth in the trucking industry. By meticulously adhering to the eligibility criteria, prioritizing safety, and securing the requisite insurance coverage, carriers can fully harness the potential presented by Amazon Relay. With the support of American Truck Insurance, carriers can enjoy the assurance of comprehensive coverage while concentrating on their core competency: the efficient and secure delivery of goods.
For further details on tailored insurance solutions aligning with your unique requirements and priorities, we encourage you to contact American Truck Insurance. Their crew of seasoned professionals is dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer service and customized insurance strategies, safeguarding your assets, and contributing to the success of your business.