Commercial Business Auto Insurance Services In Granbury

Umbrella Coverage

Commercial umbrella insurance is a pivotal facet of business insurance, safeguarding against liability claims surpassing the coverage thresholds prescribed by an enterprise’s other insurance arrangements.
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Who Benefits from Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

Any company exposed to potential liability claims gains immense value from including commercial umbrella insurance within its risk management strategy. The absence of such coverage may necessitate the organization to bear the full burden of a claim that exceeds the predetermined liability limits established by its existing policies.
Businesses opting for commercial umbrella insurance typically grapple with substantial liability exposure. Consequently, they must seek additional layers of financial security that extend across the spectrum of their liability insurance portfolios.

What Falls Under the Ambit of Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

In situations where the liability coverage limit has been exhausted following the filing of a claim under a commercial auto policy, employer’s liability insurance (for instance, workers’ compensation), or a general liability insurance policy, umbrella insurance comes into play. It extends its protective veil by defraying expenses that surpass the coverage limits of your existing policies.

Securing Commercial Umbrella Insurance

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